In Pursuit of Passion

Jan 10, 2016 will be a day that will be cherished forever in my life. It was when my love for music and dance took a turn towards being a professional dance instructor / choreographer. What I have been doing until that point of time in my life as an amateur choreographer, helping friends and family with their public and private events has now changed into helping natural dancers reach their true potential, helping individuals to take up dance who once were scared to dance, teaching kids in a fun, positive environment and preparing them to be stage ready.

This has opened up many avenues for me as an individual to grow. Especially, when working with kids it was a test of patience. My very first summer program has been a wonderful experience for me more than them. Every session, I trained myself on how to interact with kids, how to respond to their questions, how to improve each kids performance, how to inculcate team culture rather than individual super stars. I was surprised with the way kids have responded to me. I am extremely pleased to have gained their respect and trust in the process. Due credit should be given to their parents who entrusted me with their kids. Parents, give a pat on your back for believing in me and my process.

I always believed that group dancing is like any team sport. Every team has weak links but if all the players on that team work in unison towards the goal then nothing is impossible. During these last 8 months, I had the experience of imparting my knowledge to many individuals with different degree of skill levels. It was fascinating to see that even though few struggled their way through practice sessions, everyone pulled their weight when it was time to perform on stage. It was there for everyone to see how much passion each of these dancers have, even though some of them might not be as naturally talented as others but their love and passion is what drove them to give their best.

My aim is not just to help the gifted but everyone who has interest to learn. Dance is all about expressing oneself to the music that is being played. Dance like no one is watching…..